Nunukul Yuggera prides itself on being one of the best Aboriginal  dance group's in Australia.

It is through hard work, determination and perseverance that they have established themselves as a powerful  Cultural force .

Their performances mesmerizes the audience, it is through their honest, heartfelt and spiritually lifting expression as if the Dreamtime unfolds before the eyes of the observer.

Nunukul Yuggera holds an impressive resume of performance highlights and has built a reputation over the last 12 year's according to their professional approach .

The directors and dancers that make up this exotic dance group holds its Culture in high regard, they believe in their motto"Our Culture our identity" and it has been a chore motive that their Culture needs to be kept alive through the training and passing on of valuable Cultural information to the youngest generation.  Children are exposed to song and dance from a very young age, some as soon as they can walk

The Nunukul Yuggera dance group has a strong sense of family and community, its like being surrounded by one big family when people come in contact with this extraordinary talented "bunch" of people.

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Dear Eddie,

I want to write to write to you to thank you and all the members on Nunukul Yuggera for coming to the reception last Thursday – and especially to thank you and your group for the fantastic dances that you gave us that evening. For all of us it was a magical unforgettable evening and we were very glad you were there for NOIDOC week. Many in the audience came up to me to say how much they enjoyed seeing your group dance, and the Deputy Chief of the British Embassy told me that it was ‘the best reception’ he has been to in Athens all year.

I was struck by how small a group of young indigenous Australian’s could retell ancient stories and entertain at the same time, with so much pride and boundless energy. I know that the tour of Greece was tiring and stressful for your group, but you sure have left an incredible impression.

I will be writing to the head of Cultural Relations Branch of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and also to the cultural affairs offices at our Embassies around Europe, to let them know that your group can put on a great show, while at the same time presenting traditional music and dance with energy, dignity and integrity.

Please let me know when you are likely to be in Europe next year – will you be coming to Nice festival?

Please pass on my regards to Denise and the guys and girls of Nunukul Yuggera.

Best Regards,

Richard Mathews
Charge D’ Affairs

July 2003

Australian Embassy Athens



Nunukul Yuggera @ the NRLWorld Cup game in Sydney

Meeting prime minister HON Mr Kevin Rudd

Nunukul Yuggera dress rehearsal on the field

Nunukul Yuggera elders ready to perform

Group foto Nunukul Yuggera