Riverlife Mirrabooka Aboriginal Cultural Experience
Meet the Yuggera Tribe  for Riverlife Mirrabooka Cultural Workshops and share in their rich Aboriginal culture presented by the Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers in the natural bushland of Kangaroo Point.

Develop an awareness of the diverse aspects of contemporary Aboriginal culture

by witnessing and participating in traditional song and dance passed    down over many generations,discovering primitive fire starting techniques

playing of Aboriginal musical instruments (such as didgeridoos)
and listening to Indigenous educational talks that offer an insight into Aboriginal life and history of this ancient land.

Other traditional activities such as boomerang throwing, message stick painting, face painting, clap stick painting and traditional food tasting may be included in the Aboriginal experience.


Thursday (12-1pm)*     

Adults     $45 per person

Students    $25 per person (for students between 8-18 years)


Saturday (7-8.30pm)*     

Adults     $79 per person (includes BBQ and drinks)


                                       call us to book!

Naval Stores Lower River Terrace, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, QLD 4169 Australia

#         + 61 7 3891 5766

#         info@riverlife.com.au

*Please Note: Our Aboriginal experiences are subject to minimum numbers. Please call us for all enquiries.

Please download the pdf form to view a comprehensive overview, contact and booking details.

Riverlife Mirrabooka Awards

2010 Winners for the Indigenous tourism award with Queensland tourism and Entered into the Hall of Fame

2009 Winners for the Indigenous tourism award with Queensland tourism

2008 Winners for the Indigenous tourism award with Queensland tourism

2007 Governor's / Griffith University Indigenous Community Engagement Award

2006 Queensland Premier's Reconciliation Award for Business

2006 Save the Children White Flame Award

‘Welcome to Country' ceremonies

Are you a school or group going on an excursion? Media, international students or visitors to our beautiful country?

Riverlife Mirrabooka also performs authentic ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies and promotes an awareness of Indigenous culture, history and traditions. Since the group's formation twelve years ago, the Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers have performed to audiences in Australia and throughout the world. Already popular with travellers from the UK and Europe, their audience members range from Queen Elizabeth II to the street children of Asia. 

For Welcome to Country bookings please contact us personally!




Boomerang Throwing Workshop Learn the techniques on how to through a boomerang.                                       Duration:               Up to 1 hour


Traditional Dance Workshop Learn some traditional Dance moves.                   Duration:               Up to 1 hour


Aboriginal Boomerang Painting Workshop Learn the techniques and symbols on how to do Aboriginal Art and learning how to tell a story through the painting. You even get to take the boomerang home. Duration:               Up to 1 hour


Artifact Display and Explanation Learn about different Artifact and what they were used for and how they were made.                                         Duration:               Up to 30 mins


We Also Offer:

Didgeridoo Player : Listen to the sounds of the oldest wood pipe instrument in the world the didgeridoo.

Duration:                               Up to 30 min

 Welcome to Country: (Short Speech)

Short Speech by an (Elder/Representative), Traditional Custodian, Welcoming to our Traditional Homelands from the Yuggera, Nunukul, Koombermerri and Nugi Tribes. 

Duration:                               2-5 min

Traditional Smoking Ceremony:  Traditional method done to cleanse the area.

A form of cleansing to get rid of bad spirits through smoke while certain words and leaves are used as well.

Duration:               Up to 10min

Traditional Water Blessing:  Traditional method done to bless the area.

A form of blessing where the water is sprinkle over the area. We use special water and certain words and leaves are used as well.

Duration:               Up to 10 min