ARC dreaming ( Australian reconciliation Company)

"Vibrant compositional storytelling at its best.Sacred elements of  Aboriginal Culture,the mystery and raw energy of the didgeridoo combined with classical lyricism, wild eclectic jazz and sophisticated percussive power woven seamlessly together in a rich tapestry of sound and visuals"

The Cultural dance in ARC dreaming depicts the story's of Aboriginal people from the mid East Coast of Australia.
Age old traditions are handed down to new generations, its a true ceremony coming alive on stage, one can sense the power of this age old and unique tradition, the stamping of feet, the haunting  Indigenous voices belting out traditional songs calling on the ancestors in a spiritual way.

The Didgeridoo plays a leading role within the show , this in combination with western instrumentation.

A new form of  jazz fusion in combination with world and classical  music influences are explored to make up for a truly unique, exotic and haunting symphony of music.

Visions of a Nomad, the musical component of the show never fails to explore new territory and boundaries.

Energetic and mystical, ARC dreaming is an impressive,visual and theatrical happening.

ARC dreaming has received rave reviews on their tours around the globe and is one of Australia's most impressive export shows and has received standing ovation wherever they perform.

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"Vibrant story telling at its best, a contemporary corroborree, stunning visuals and a "symphony" of music and dance"